Thermal Energy’s Venturi Technology Proven Safe and Effective

The effectiveness of Thermal Energy International’s GEM Venturi steam trap technology has once again been verified by a functional laboratory study,

A functional laboratory study has concluded that Venturi Steam Traps discharge varying condensate loads safely across a range of steam pressures, in line with industry requirements. 

Time and again these independent studies demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology as a viable and safe alternative to traditional steam trapping methods and will continue to strengthen the position of TEI’s technology as a viable, safe and long-term alternative to traditional steam trapping methods. 

“Experimental data have demonstrated the ability of Venturi orifice steam traps to discharge varying condensate loads safely across a range of steam pressures, in line with industry requirements. Even when testing outside the specified operational range of the Venturi orifice traps (which some data points represent), these traps were found to operate effectively, discharging condensate with measured steam loss values comparable to mechanical steam traps, within experimental error” reads an excerpt from the Venturi Steam Trap Functional Laboratory Study. 

The world’s leading market intelligence agency Mintel, has identified the need for companies to ‘educate consumers about emissions and explain scientific solutions to build understanding and trust.’  

TEI’s customer base, consisting mainly of large multinationals, are mandated to achieve ever more challenging carbon emission reduction targets, and as the number of technologies increases, this can bring the danger of decision-making paralysis on how best to achieve those targets, and which technologies are proven and to be trusted. 
“At a time when the market is saturated with new, often unproven ‘green’ technologies, our whitepapers, independent studies, and collaborations are a powerful combination to reassert our dominance as experts in energy efficiency and carbon reduction solutions” said CEO William Crossland. 

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