Thermal Energy Joins Energy Buyers Coalition

Thermal Energy International has joined The Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) as a sponsor.

​We have joined a global coalition of large energy buyers that represent approximately $1.3 trillion in market capital and have a considerable carbon footprint.

 The Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) is a global coalition that joins large energy buyers, many of which are already Thermal Energy customers, committed to ambitious climate and renewable energy goals, with providers of advanced renewable thermal solutions. ​
As a sponsor, we reinforce ourselves as market leaders and experts by hosting discussions on market challenges and barriers associated with thermal technologies and solutions.  

According to the RTC, ‘energy used to produce heat is responsible for two-thirds of all energy demand in the industrial sector and one-fifth of all global energy demands.’ Many of the RTC’s members have indicated that with their electricity related carbon emission reduction goals largely met, reducing thermal energy use and carbon represents a much more significant challenge. With a growing number of energy efficiency technologies available, the RTC offers a safe space for open conversations between energy users and solution providers about market challenges and barriers associated with thermal technologies and solutions.  

US natural gas is estimated to trade above 6 USD/MMBtu in 12 months' time, more than double 12 months ago. EU Natural Gas has had an even more stark increase rising from approximately 17 EUR/MWh a year ago, and forecasts suggest an estimated move to almost 280 EUR/MWh in 12 months' time (Source: trading economics). 

Organizations can easily feel paralyzed by the need to achieve large carbon and energy savings of targets in many years' time. Our projects already enable organizations to quickly achieve permanent savings, delivered year after year. If energy prices continue as forecast, a 100% increase in energy prices, doubles the energy savings of our projects and cuts the payback period in half.  

Our unique portfolio of proprietary technologies and our proven experience across hundreds of projects allows us to host reliable conversations that add real value to the RTC members. 

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