Thermal Energy Launches Carbon Consortium (TECC)

TECC facilitates knowledge sharing between non-competing industrial giants to help accelerate the adoption of carbon reduction approaches and technologies.

Thermal Energy has collaborated with some of its primary Food & Beverage sector clients to form the Thermal Energy Carbon Consortium - a group of progress-oriented, non-competing senior sustainability professionals with aggressive carbon reduction goals.  

The monthly TECC meetings bring together a deep variety of applicable experience, technology, and knowledge skillsets to share goals and visions, and more importantly to share information on carbon reduction technology demonstrations being completed at member sites, with and without TEI.  

Through sharing novel thermal carbon reduction demonstration progress and results, each of the TECC members gains the benefits of the detailed knowledge and outcomes of the other members’ pertinent demonstrations. In this way, TEI is helping its key customers accelerate their selection and adoption of thermal carbon reduction approaches and technologies, and to do so at a lower cost by sharing results with similar, but non-competing, industrial experts.   

The TECC is all about TEI helping some of its key customers maximise the value of demonstration dollars through collaboration and information sharing.  Many of these demonstration technologies are either entirely based on, or integrate very well, with TEI’s deep and broad heat recovery technology and experience, as each of them requires recovered heat to operate or to operate more efficiently.  

Given this, Thermal Energy is the ideal TECC partner to provide the heat recovery bridge for these exciting developing technologies, as well as providing our even more important capabilities in the analysis of the integration of these cutting-edge technologies into the process environment to ensure target GHG reductions are met as economically as possible.   

“The TECC group provides a forum where senior sustainability technology experts can discuss, in proper detail, considerations and results in selecting their next steps to carbon neutrality.  This is not the simple identification of a single technology, but a series of steps and combinations of technologies, starting from efficiency improvements and ultimately finishing with green thermal or electrical power” said Robert Triebe, Thermal Energy COO. 

“This knowledge sharing provides the TECC members with great value, and this gives TEI invaluable insight into the direction of the market, and immense opportunity to identify where we can apply our skills and technologies to help them most rapidly and economically meet their carbon reduction goals.”  

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