TEI Collaborates with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Recognising Thermal Energy’s expertise in heat pump technology, COO Robert Triebe was invited to collaborate on a training webcast.

The EPRI is a global, non-profit energy research and development organization that collaborates with experts across industry, science, engineering and academia to help address challenges in electricity. Through effective, collaborative research and development programs, EPRI help the energy sector identify issues, technology gaps, and broader needs that can be addressed.  
EPRI’s Electrification Program (P199) organized a training webcast on “Heat Recovery Heat Pumps and their Applications” for its members. The webcast provided information on various heat recovery heat pump applications and case studies.  Recognising Thermal Energy’s expertise in heat pump technology, Thermal Energy COO Robert Triebe was invited to discuss the fundamental operation of heat recovery heat pumps as part of the organization’s training webcast on the electrification potential of heat recovery heat pumps.  

According to the EPRI, ‘the industrial sector consumes approximately one-third of the final energy globally and accounts for 25% of energy-related CO2 emissions. Chemicals, Cement, Food Manufacturing, and other industries are large consumers of energy and producers of CO2 emissions. Currently, industrial heat is provided by fossil energy or low-grade electric heating in most cases. Heat pumps are an attractive solution for heat delivery because of their energy efficiency combined with the use of electricity as the input energy source, which together offers a clear route to deep decarbonization’. 

The Electrification Program equips utility representatives to understand product options for energy-efficient electrification of industrial process heating, allowing them to develop electrification and/or energy efficiency incentive programs through site demonstrations and technology transfer. 

Since EPRI’s members represent approximately 90 percent of the electricity generated and delivered in the United States, and international participation extends to more than 30 countries, the project also serves to establish relationships with potential industrial heat pump manufacturers to foster continued technology innovation. 

Heat Pumps are a central topic of discussion for many on the road to decarbonization but considering heat pumps without integration of heat recovery from other sources at a given site, or across a portfolio, is a missed opportunity.  The heat recovery / heat pump combination can provide much greater efficiencies than heat pumps alone when delivering thermal energysaid Rob Triebe, Thermal Energy COO. 

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